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Durst China will bring Durst world's best-selling label model & Revolutionary technology to Labelexpo Asia 2023

  • Publicado el 20 de Noviembre de 2023

As one of the flagship exhibitions of Labelexpo, the world's largest exhibition for label and packaging printing technology, Labelexpo Asia has always been renowned for its international character and high- quality professional visitors in the entire Asia label and packaging printing industry. From December 5th-8th, Durst China will bring the latest technology to Labelexpo Asia with the theme of "Together Towards Future", bringing Durst world's best-selling label model Tau 330 RSC E,the revolutionary technology Durst Hawk Eye which was just launched at the Labelexpo in Brussels, as well as a series of intelligent software solutions to Asian users.

Durst China will bring Durst world's best-selling label model & Revolutionary technology to Labelexpo Asia 2023

Durst Tau 330 RSC E, our best-selling label digital printing platform, combining top print quality with very cost-effective investment, has already received rave reviews in the global marketplace. With print speed of 52m/min in full color including white and variable data, it also can be upgraded to 8-color Tau 330 RSC, which increases the print speed to 80m/min, ready to meet increasing needs in the future. Notably, this unit is also available with a choice of Tau RSC low migration UV inks for food and pharmaceutical labeling needs.

Durst Tau RSCi, another super model in Durst Label series, is a real high-productivity printer, with print widths of 330/420/510 mm, native resolution of 1,200 x 1,200 dpi, and print speeds up to 80 m/min(upgradeable to 100 m/min), and also with Double White feature. Combining with minimal ink consumption and market-proved RSC print engine, overall performance is said to be perfect. Durst Tau RSCi becomes the ideal choice for many users who want to transfer to digital in one step.

The printer can also be configured with optional flexo unit before and/or after the digital printing engine, further expanding the range of application possibilities by adding a primer to challenging materials or combination printing between flexo and UV inkjet. Welcome to our booth for more details.

Durst has expanded the Tau RSC ink portfolio with the introduction of new Tau RSC LED ink. This new ink set includes CMYK, as well as optional orange, purple, green and white colors, further increasing the attractivity of the Tau RSC press portfolio. The TCO of Tau RSC presses becomes even more attractive by significantly reducing energy consumption during the operation and the frequency of UV lamp changes. The new Tau RSC LED ink portfolio has been designed to offer customers a very large color space and flexibility for different applications. Today, Durst offers all customers a complete ink portfolio solution with the new Tau RSC LED inks, together with the Tau RSC UV inks and the Tau RSC low migration inks.

The Durst Hawk Eye technology, which made a splash at the recently concluded Labelexpo in Brussels, is a revolutionary innovation for inkjet label printing. Utilizing camera vision systems, it has been designed to automate print quality control through closed-loop nozzle compensation, thereby dramatically reducing waste and improving overall print quality. Durst Hawk Eye technology was evaluated in Europe as a game changer for the digital printing industry. This time, visitors from Asia will also be able to learn more about Hawkeye technology on-site.

Durst offers a range of browser-based software solutions, including Durst Workflow Label workflow, Durst Analytics and Durst Smart Shop solutions, designed to help users better and more efficiently manage their entire production process. A variety of modular features, including variable data printing, ink costing, digital color management systems, job management and other solutions can be expanded and adapted at any time to meet specific requirements. You are welcome to visit Durst booth for more details.

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